Ennds.org    A 501(C)3 Non profit dedicated to ending the non native destructive species that are damaging our marine and terrestrial environments.

How you can help the environment by helping ENNDS

Through outreach, education, and targeted removals of invasive species ENNDS is working relentlessly to protect our environment but we need your help. Many of the invasive species are extremely destructive to native habitat and life because they are able to thrive in new areas where they lack predators and are able to out compete the native organisms. Globalization, warming trends, and other factors have all contributed to a recent surge in new destructive invasive species. With your assistance ENNDS is making a difference in combating invasive species in the ocean and on land. Learn more about how you can help ENNDS with our mission.

What’s in your neighborhood?

Learn about the invasive species in your area

Because of our more connected modern world invasive species have been proliferating all over the globe as it has become much easier for species to to travel via ship, plane or simply as released pets.

Educate others on the importance of not releasing pets

One of the most common ways that destructive invasive species are spread is through the release of pets. It’s believed that lionfish were released into the Atlantic by aquarium owners who didn’t want to kill their pets, so those owners released them into the ocean. Pythons, tegu, and hundreds of other species have been released in the same way. Help out by educating others that you are not doing your exotic pet a favor by releasing it, you could be doing significant damage to the environment!

Research your local invasive species

The State of Florida alone has over 500 invasive species! Of course, not all are destructive but many are. We will be updating this site and our Facebook page with regular information on the invasive species you may find in your neighborhood. Click here to learn about many of Florida’s invasive species.