Target invasive species that Ennds is focused on controlling.

Destructive invasive species that Ennds targets for removal through education, training, organized hunts, and trapping efforts. Nonnative species are animals living outside captivity that did not historically occur in the affected area. Most nonnatives are introduced species, meaning they have been brought by humans, often pets that are released or escape captivity. Non-indigenous species in the marine environment can alter community composition, reduce the abundance and diversity of native marine species, interfere with ecosystem function, alter habitats, disrupt commercial and recreational activities, and in some instances cause extinctions of indigenous plants and animals. They can cause local extinction of native species either by preying on them directly or by out-competing them for food or space. Once established, non-indigenous species can be difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate.

Invasive Marine Species

Invasive Reptile Species
Burmese Python
Nile Monitor
Argentine Black & White Tegu
Green Iguana
African Redhead Agama

Invasive Amphibian Species
Giant Toad

Invasive Mammals
Wild Hog

Invasive Plant Species
Brazilian Pepper Tree